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Stop, Please Stop!

This article is not an article at all. It’s an “open letter” to all those who are still whining about Barack Obama.

Dear friends; I have read your Facebook posts and emails. I have seen your videos and my comment about all of them is simple: Stop the whining about Barack Obama. In case you haven’t noticed, he isn’t the USA president anymore and therefore I really don’t want to waste my time hearing or reading about how terrible he was… or still is. I am not concerned about the $221 million he gave to the “Palestinians” on his way out the door nor am I interested in hearing complaints about how he didn’t veto the recent UN vote. Please do not “kvetch” to me about how he didn’t pardon Rubashkin (even though he should have) and stop trying to convince me that Michelle is really Michael. I am done with that entire family. The 8 years of Obama are now history and we all need to move on and repair the damage. These emails, videos and Facebook posts give me the impression that many of you are either frozen in time or simply obsessed with trashing everything connected to the former president.

I understand that you didn’t enjoy the last 8 years. Neither did I… but as the expression goes; Get a life! In less than 100 days, everything Obama did will be undone so leave the guy alone… and leave me alone as well. I have moved on and I highly suggest you do the same.

But there’s more. As much as I don’t want to hear how terrible Obama was, I also don’t want to hear how great Trump is going to be. Yes, I voted for him and am happy he is the president but I am not on his cheerleading team (Give me a “T”, give me an “R”… yeah, that’s not me). I am not interested in how many people attended his inauguration, how tall the wall with Mexico is going to be or how fast he is going to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem. I am a man of action, not words, so don’t tell me things… do these things! I am so tired of people promising everything and delivering little or nothing. This applies not only to politicians and used-car salesmen (who happen to have a lot in common, by the way…) but to many people who take our money and lie to our face. How many times did you hear that your seat cannot be changed on the airplane because “our flight is full, sir” – only to see empty seats in every row but your own?? How many times did you pay extra for a hotel room with a view of the water, only to find that the water they referred to was in the bathtub?? In today’s world “truth” is a rare commodity so I have become a gigantic skeptic. Therefore, to all those who are still waving Trump banners – as if the elections are next week – put them down and let the guy do his job.

On the same token, I humbly ask all the Trump bashers to sit down and shut up. Actually, you can also stand, as long as you shut up. What exactly are you protesting? The guy just started working! Give him some time to get going and then – if you don’t agree with what he has done – go out and protest and scream your head off. In the last week alone, I must have received over 100 emails from people asking me to come to an anti-Trump rally. I have 2 questions for these people: First, how did you get my email? Second, NO! I am not protesting against a guy who hasn’t done anything. My advice to the Trump bashers is actually the exact same advice I wrote above for the Obama bashers: Get a life! Leave the guy alone and we’ll talk again in 100 days.

And finally, if I am writing this as an “open letter”, I have one more gripe I need to get off my chest. Attention fellow Jews who are so happy that President Trump’s daughter is Jewish – I have some very bad news for you. Donald Trump does not have a Jewish daughter. You read that correctly. I realize that many Rabbis are talking about Ivanka, his Jewish daughter,  but these Rabbis should actually be ashamed of themselves because they know the truth. I want you to read this next sentence very carefully, because it is 100% true and based in Torah: When a non-Jew converts his/her biological parents are no longer considered his/her parents!!! The Talmud talks about this and gives dozens of examples of converts who no longer have any legal connection to their biological family. This is a major foundation of Torah and cannot be argued! A convert does not sit “shiva” when his/her biological parent dies… and why? Not because the parent is not Jewish but because it’s not their parent!! Ask any Rav about the pages and pages of Talmud which discusses the inheritance of a convert. This is a very complicated matter because his old family is no longer his family – including children he may have brought into the world! When a Gentile man has a son and then that man converts to Judaism and afterwards has another son, only the Jewish son inherits from him because his first son… is no longer his son!!

Therefore, based on our holy Torah, either Ivanka is Jewish – and therefore not Donald Trump’s daughter – or she is his daughter but not Jewish!! Since her conversion by Rabbi Lookstein was strictly according to Halacha, she is of course 100% Jewish and therefore, not in any way related to the new man in the White House. Note: I must add that according to Rambam Mamrim 5:11 and Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 241:9, a convert is forbidden to curse, hit, or humiliate his biological parents and must treat them with a certain amount of respect, but they are not his Halachic parents. (Thank you Rabbi MR for those sources)

In conclusion; stop complaining about Obama, stop cheering for Trump, stop protesting things that haven’t been done yet and stop calling Ivanka, the President’s daughter, because she is not.


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