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Pesach (Passover) Fund

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Shmuel Sackett, Founder and Director of Am Yisrael Chai:

"Our special Pesach fund was established in 2003.
Since then, over $585,920 was raised and distributed!
No expenses were taken. Every dollar of that money was given to poor families for their Pesach needs.
Dozens of emails were received thanking us for our support but we decided to put just this one on the site:"

"Dear Shmuel – After you wired money into my bank account, so that I can buy food for Pesach, you sent me a short email with the words – I LOVE YOU. I must tell you that I am 56 years old, raising 2 children by myself, and nobody has ever said that to me. I thank you for the money and for those very important words.
It made me a new person."

- Happy Pesach to one and all!

Donating to the Pesach campaign is officially closed. Thank you to everyone who donated and made this a huge success! Stay tuned for detailed updates. CHAG KASHER V'SAMEACH!

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