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Attention Trump Supporters

I want all Trump supporters (myself included) to immediately do the following: Stop crying, wining, “kvetching”, complaining, yelling, accusing, bashing, ridiculing and pointing fingers. Joe Biden is the President of the USA. You may not like that, it probably drives you nuts… but it really doesn’t matter what you think. Democracy is funny that way. In an election, your candidate can win but – yes… he can also lose and when that happens, you need to do two things: Congratulate the winner and get back to work on the next campaign.

I am humbly asking all my Trump friends to wash their face and wake up to the new reality. Get all that nonsense about rigged/stolen elections out of your head and admit that you were defeated. It may be hard for you to say the words “President Biden” and even harder to say “Vice-President Harris”, but you need to learn how to do that. We lost. Get over it.

There are very few people I hate more than cry-babies. I was taught to fight as hard as possible and try my best to win but that, if I lost, I needed to do it with respect and dignity. My father, of blessed memory, said that when he went to Yankees games back in the 1920’s and 30’s, the Yankee fans would applaud a member of the opposing team if he made a great catch or spectacular play. He told me that they appreciated greatness and excellence and – even if that catch robbed Babe Ruth of a home run - they would clap for the defensive achievement they witnessed. Sure, the Yankee fans wanted the Babe to hit that home run… that’s probably why they came to the game in the first place! But, if he missed the home run because of some incredible leaping-over-the-wall catch, they would give a standing ovation to the player who made that grab.

What happened to those days? Today, everyone cheers only for the home-team and opposing players are often verbally and even physically threatened. People have this obsession to “win at all costs” and if, heaven forbid, they happen to lose… watch out. The insults start flying and the “blame game” begins. I loved Trump as President - I really did - but while he was a great winner, he was, unfortunately, a terrible loser. I loved the fact that in his 4 years as President he never backed down; not from the media, not from his political opponents… not from anybody! That’s a fighter! That’s a guy with a steel spine! However, in the last few months, after losing the election on November 3rd, his attitude and actions did not serve him well. Yes, he believed that the election was stolen from him but I have proof that it wasn’t… the Democrats are simply not qualified nor capable of doing the things he accused them of!!

President Trump and his supporters needed to publicly admit defeat on November 4th. These national recounts never work, nor do the lawsuits. They succeed in actually doing just one thing; to muddy the reputation of a great leader. Time and again, the losing candidate screams and yells and winds up winning nothing. His legacy becomes permanently damaged and people forget his success and remember only his failure.

Therefore, fellow Trump supporters; get over it. Move on with your life and stop the endless nonsense of finger pointing. Trump lost because of one reason – and one reason only: Biden got more votes. Period. Stop claiming fraud and start working hard so your man – or woman – wins in 2024. Until then, your President is Joe Biden and your Vice-President is Kamala Harris. You don’t like that? Too bad. You can cry yourself to sleep every night for the next 4 years but do me a favor… don’t cry to me.

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