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Peace by Piece

A lot is being written about the “Trump Peace Plan” and experts, on both sides of the political fence, are giving their side of what they think. It reminds me of a multiple-choice test: A) I like the plan B) I do not like the plan C) I am somewhere in the middle D) None of the above. My answer is simple. It is a definite, positive “D” – “None of the above”. Let me explain.

The Land of Israel belongs to the Nation of Israel. The overwhelming majority of the world believes that! The problem, however, is with our own people. Most Jews agree that Eretz Yisrael is ours but they say that we need to be realistic and not just idealistic. “Yes, this is the land of our fathers… of course it was given to us as an eternal inheritance… but we are now part of the family of nations… we can’t operate alone… we dare not make any decisions without approval of the USA…” These are daily quotes said by Jewish leaders and their puppet followers and this is what drives me nuts…

Dearest friends; when the Zionist movement started 120+ years ago, we had rights to the Land of Israel on paper only. We had the Bible, we had the deed to the land and we had the unbreakable chain of 2,000 years of prayers, hopes and tears… but we did not have the “keys” to the house. That was when we needed the help of the nations of the world, so Hashem orchestrated a wonderful plan; Balfour declaration (1917), San Remo conference (1920), League of Nations vote (1947) – all so that His children could, once again, establish a Jewish State on His holy soil. For many years after the founding of the state, we were young and still needed the world’s help, as a child taking his/her first steps. However, those early, weak and feeble days are gone and today, the Jewish Nation can proudly stand on its own. Our IDF is strong, our economy is stable and – thanks to our Father and King – the world needs us a lot more than we need them.

What’s all this have to do with the Trump Peace Plan? Simply this; that even today, Israeli leaders and most Jews around the world believe that Israel cannot move a muscle without permission of the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I love America, I really do. My father, of blessed memory, fought for America in WWII and his brother was awarded a Purple Heart. An uncle of mine was a cop in the NYPD for 25 years, another uncle was a NYC judge and an aunt of mine was Labor Commissioner of NY State. All those people are now gone, but I listed them to show you how my family not only lived America, we loved – and bled – America. Therefore, my criticism is not at America nor at President Trump (who I support). Rather, my criticism is to all those who insist on keeping this relationship as one-sided, forcing Israel to get White House approval before we build a town or fire a bullet.

What independent and strong country worries so much about world opinion? Why does Israel have low self-esteem and a national inferiority complex? I wasn’t exaggerating when I wrote that the world needs us more than we need them. Need I remind you that Israel is always the first country to respond to the international community in times of tragedy? Who was the first country to send teams of doctors after earthquakes in Kashmir (2005), Haiti (2010) and Japan (2011)? Remember the tsunami in 2004? Israel sent 60 tons of aid to Indonesia and 82 tons of relief to Sri Lanka. We can do all these things but can’t declare “Zo Artzeinu” (This is our land) without approval from the UN, EU and USA?

This is what bothers me most about the peace process… that we made it into a “process”! Of course we should annex the land, declare sovereignty and make the entire country exactly the same. There’s no difference between Jerusalem and Jenin, Hebron and Herziliya or Ramallah and Ramle. Every inch of the Chosen Land belongs to the Chosen People but we lose that feeling – for ourselves and with the entire world – when we allow foreign governments to negotiate away parts of our country. It makes no difference what their intentions are… it is totally irrelevant. The fact that we allow the world to make demands – or else! – proves that we, ourselves, do not believe the land is truly ours.

Now you understand why, when asked about the “Trump Peace Plan”, my answer is “none of the above”. I don’t support it, I don’t oppose it and I am also not in the middle. To me, it is totally irrelevant because the only peace plan to consider is this one; “If you will follow My decrees and observe My commandments and perform them… I will provide peace in the land, and you will lie down with none to frighten you… You will pursue your enemies and they will fall before you… I will walk among you, I will be G-d unto you and you will be a Nation unto Me” (Va’yikra 26:3-12 – Stone Chumash)

That is the peace plan I support and will work hard to achieve. When that happens… when we come closer to each other, to the Torah and to Hashem Himself  – everyone doing his/her piece – then we will have the true and everlasting peace we yearn for.

Am Yisrael Chai!


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