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Now it’s Netanyahu’s Turn

Although I speak and write a lot, I am a man of action FAR MORE than one of words.

I believe that every Jew should live in Israel… so 27 years ago, I took my wife and 4 little kids and moved from Long Island to Netanya.

I believe that the Torah is true and Hashem’s instructions are clear… so I keep every commandment and law to the best of my ability.

I believe that the Rabbis are Hashem’s messengers… so I follow their guidance and direction.

That’s how I live my life and I don’t consider myself a hero because of it.

When something is true, I make it happen and make it real. I never let the truth remain as an intellectual exercise.

Why do I mention this, all of a sudden?

Because December 6th marked a historic day when the President of the United States stated a truth which he immediately followed up with an action.

Truth: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Action: Instructing the US State Department to begin the procedure of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Compare that to the Prime Minister of Israel.

Truth: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Action: Jews cannot walk freely in 30% of the city. (If a Jew gets stabbed in the Moslem quarter, the first reaction is always; “What was he doing there??”)

Jews cannot pray on the Temple Mount and must present photo ID and be physically checked just to walk there. (This applies to Jews only)

Jews cannot build in Jerusalem. (Over 30 building projects – in Jerusalem – have been put on hold by the present Israeli government)

So, I ask you – what does Bibi Netanyahu mean when he says that “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel”???

Trump was very clear what he meant but I cannot figure out what Bibi means.

His words go to the right but his actions go to the left…

My dearest Prime Minister; Trump passed his test.

Now it’s your turn.


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