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Nowhere Else to Go

I live in Herziliya and every time I enter the city, I feel ashamed from the gigantic sign that has been posted at the entrance. It’s a quote from Golda Meir from the 1970’s when she said; “Israel has a secret weapon – We have nowhere else to go!” – Why do I cringe every time I see that sign? I’ll answer that in a minute but first let me tell you that I have the same feelings when I hear the famous song; “Ein le eretz acheret” (I have no other land)… here’s why:

The root of those sentences stem from weakness and beg the world for sympathy and mercy. “Please don’t kill us… it’s not our fault… we would gladly go somewhere else, but this is all we have…” How tragic for a Jew to speak that way about the precious gift called Eretz Yisrael.

That’s why we are here, because we have “nowhere else to go”??? What has our land become… a soggy tuna fish sandwich? “Well, I better eat this for lunch because that’s all I have!” How degrading to our Father in Heaven who gave us this incredible Land? HaShem personally picked this spot – from everywhere else on Planet Earth! – and gave it to His children as an eternal inheritance… and our only comment is that we might as well stay since we have nowhere else to go???

Why the negative… always the negative? HaShem didn’t speak that way when referring to the Land of Israel, so why should we? The Torah says that Eretz Yisrael is “a good and spacious land… flowing with milk and honey” (Shemot 3:8) and that it is “a land where you will not lack anything” (Devorim 8:9) and that it is “a cherished land… coveted by the nations of the world” (Yirmiyahu 3:19). This is how we need to feel about Israel and nothing less!

The problem is that many people – including our famous leaders – do not feel that way. They focus on the problems instead of the opportunities. They are so blind and confused from 2,000 years of exile that they cannot see nor appreciate the priceless gift HaShem gave us.

I urge you; Do not fall into this trap! Do not apologize to the world for not having another country. Instead, make sure you value the one and only land we do have… the one given to us by Avinu Malkenu – our Father and King! Come home and live in this beautiful land. Build your home here, plant trees and irrigate the fields. Start new communities and build Yeshivot, Shuls and centers of Torah. Open businesses, factories and camps for kids. And – when necessary – defend our precious Heavenly gift with every ounce of strength and all the courage you have. This is the land of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. It’s where we had – and will have once again – the Kingdom of David and the Bet Ha’Mikdash.

We have one G-d, one Torah and one Land. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Am Yisrael Chai!


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