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What’s Wrong with this Headline?

I can’t get the headline out of my head; “Terrorist who killed IDF soldier, entered Israel legally.”

There are 2 major problems with that headline. The first problem is that it wasn’t a “terrorist” who killed the IDF soldier… it was a 40-year-old Arab who lived near Ramallah and worked as a truck driver. Similarly, the day after this tragic event, a young Jewish man was stabbed near the light rail in Jerusalem. Once again, the media reported that a “terrorist” had perpetrated the crime, when in fact, it was a 14-year-old Arab boy from Beit Hanina (a neighborhood in Jerusalem).

A “terrorist” is someone who has trained for many years to fight a war by all means necessary. Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, for example, train terrorists and send them on missions to battle. A 14-year-old kid who wakes up one morning and takes a knife from his kitchen to stab a Jew in Jerusalem is not a terrorist – he’s a violent Arab. The same is true of a 40-year-old truck driver who worked for close to 20 years but decided that the time had come for him to stop making deliveries and start ramming Jews with his truck. He is an Arab, period. The problem, however, is that if the media would report the truth, people would start looking at things differently.

Let’s examine some headlines and play “spot the difference”. Terrorist kills IDF soldier vs Arab kills IDF soldier. How about this one: Terrorist stabs man in Jerusalem vs 14-year-old Arab boy stabs man in Jerusalem. Or one more – from an incident that happened just 24 hours before I began writing this article: Terrorist stabs two with butcher’s knife near Jaffa Gate vs 17-year-old Arab stabs two with butcher’s knife near Jaffa Gate. See what I mean? Hard to be a leftist when you read about all these Arabs stabbing or ramming Jews… but when they are “terrorists” – what can we do???

The second problem with the headline above is when the media kept writing – over and over again – that he “entered Israel legally”. Or that he “had a work permit to be in Israel”. Or that “he had been working as a truck driver in Israel for close to 20 years”. Let me ask you a question; Where was he before he “entered Israel”? In Syria? Lebanon? Why did he need “a work permit to be in Israel”? Was he living in Egypt? Jordan? Boca Raton?

This animal, who brutally murdered a lone IDF soldier named Maxim Molchanov, didn’t need to enter Israel… he lived in Israel! Maxim Molchanov was the one who came from outside Israel. He made Aliyah from the Ukraine – by himself – at the age of 14. He was an incredible young Jew, who recently donated bone marrow to save the life of a 12-year-old boy. He was a combat soldier in the 282nd brigade and had dedicated his life to building and protecting the Jewish nation. The 40-year-old Arab murderer didn’t just work in Israel… he lived in a village in Israel near Bet El, so why bother writing that he held “an Israeli work permit”?? He lived in the country!! Ahhh… wait a minute (says the media) – If we write that he lived in Israel, how can we say that the Arabs want peace? Peaceful people don’t ram their trucks into IDF soldiers… only terrorists do that… from Iran…

Let’s now rewrite that same headline – only this time, we will be 100% honest and not politically correct: “Arab who murdered IDF soldier, lived near Bet El”. Much different reaction when you read those words, no?

Don’t worry, I’m not naïve. I realize that the media will never change and will continue to sugar-coat everything so that we believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The forces of evil have invested way too much time, energy and money in getting the public to buy their lies. Rather, we are the ones who need to change. We are the ones who must read between the lines in order to understand the truth… and when that happens – make sure you spread that truth to everyone you know… without the sugar-coating!

Am Yisrael Chai!


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