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Don’t Call Them Terrorists

A media war against Israel has begun. I call it “joining in the fun” and it has become rather routine for MSNBC, CNN, the NY Times and thousands of others to side with Israel’s enemy by attacking Israel with every media tool at their disposal. In the summer of 2014, for example, when Hamas sent hundreds of rockets into Israeli towns forcing the IDF to (finally!!) respond, the international media joined the war against Israel by inventing the ridiculous term “disproportionate response”. Thousands of articles, all over the world, were written against Israel, who – instead of hitting Hamas even harder – ultimately backed off and responded to each of these claims. The annihilation of Hamas was not accomplished because Israel felt the need to spend more of its time, energy and resources in the PR war than the real war. The result was victory for Hamas because, although much of their infrastructure was destroyed, their leaders and fighters are still breathing. There is no question that the international media had a part in the victory and they will gladly do it again when Hamas comes back from another round.

The recent knife attacks throughout Israel are no different. Once again, it is the media who claims that Israel is acting with “extreme aggression” by shooting these murderers. The reporters state how many of these 17 year old Palestinians were unarmed when shot by IDF soldiers. I’m sure you have seen all the video clips of how these are all lies but it doesn’t matter. The international media is just getting started! More and more articles will be written against Israeli aggression and I promise you that demonstrations will start in universities and major cities around the world condemning Israel. It is just a matter of time.

The #1 question people ask me is “Who is to blame”? Is there a source for this media war against Israel? Where does all this stem from? I will shock you with the answer, so hold on to your seat. There are several sources for the media’s Israel-bashing, but I consider the #1 reason to be from… Israel’s own media! Allow me to explain.

While many news outlets have local representatives in Israel, nobody has national coverage like Israel’s own newspapers or radio and tv stations. The local reps from the NY Times, MSNBC and others are all based in Jerusalem so if an attack happens in Ra’anana, Afula, Hebron or Ashkelon, the international media relies on the local Israeli news. In today’s “instant information” world these local Israeli guys are not merely reporting the news to people inside the country. Their reports are transcribed, translated and sent all over the world in a matter of minutes. Therefore, it is crucial that they watch each and every word they say and write… something they are not doing at all!

It was Israel’s media who coined the term “Jewish terror” after an Arab house was fire-bombed a few months ago. To this date, not one arrest has been made in connection with that attack. There are no suspects and no evidence that this was done by Jews yet Israel’s media, led by the self-hating Ha’aretz and Yediot newspapers and TV Channels 2 and 10, condemned Jewish extremists, mentioned names of young men (who had nothing to do with the attack) and were the judge and jury on this case. Naturally, the entire world media followed suit and in a very short time were writing articles about the horrific Jewish terror gangs that burned Arab children and destroyed the lovely coexistence that existed between Arabs and Jews until these hoodlums ruined everything. I never saw the word “alleged” used, as is customary until someone is actually convicted of a crime, and I never read or saw an interview with people discussing the actual facts. This entire fiasco – which mushroomed into an international “attack-fest” against Israel – began with Israel’s own media.

The recent wave of knife-terror is no different. It began on Chol HaMoed Succos when Arab women starting screaming curses at Jews walking to the Kotel. I’m sure you saw the horrible scene where a father was walking to the Kotel, through the Arab shuk, holding the hands of his 2 children. The small boys are crying in fear as Arab women scream and curse at them. It was a scene straight out of Germany or Poland in 1938. What you don’t know is that this Chassidishe father was interviewed on Israeli TV the next day and the first question asked of him was; “What were you looking for over there?” (As if to say, it was HIS fault for provoking the peaceful Arab women into cursing his kids!) The father couldn’t believe the question and answered with a shocked look on his face; “I wasn’t looking for anything. I daven at the Kotel every day and this is how I walk there from my house. I go through the Damascus Gate, walk via the public street that is in the shuk and then out to the Kotel. That is simply how I walk there!” Therefore, instead of bringing into the TV studio some of the women who verbally assaulted this beautiful Jew and asking them tough questions, they brought in the Yid and made him look like he brought it all upon himself. Just 2 days later, close to the very spot where this attack occurred, 2 Jews were murdered in cold blood, knifed to death. You had to know it was coming…

How did Israel’s media report on this and every attack since then? By telling us – and the world – how a “terrorist” stabbed a Jew. Excuse me, but that is not what happened. In 99% of these attacks, an Arab between the ages of 17-20 attempted to murder a Jew. That Arab was not a terrorist! Bin Laden was a terrorist. Yasser Arafat was a terrorist. These people planned attacks for years. Hamas is a terrorist organization where they train fighters and arm them with modern weapons. However, these young kids who are running around Israel stabbing Jews are not terrorists… they are ARABS! They were all born in Israel and were educated there. They live good lives and have all the modern gadgets a teenage can ask for. They are on Facebook, have cellphones, own plasma tv’s with 50 cable stations and wear the most modern clothes on the market. They are not terrorists who have been training in guerrilla warfare for the last 10 years. They are 18 and 19 year old Arabs who nursed from milk of hatred and who were poisoned by their families and schools ever since they could read. These kids do not live in Hamas controlled Gaza… they live in Jerusalem! They are “regular” Arab kids who decided one day to take a knife from the kitchen and kill some Jews. However, when you listen to the Israeli news – which is then copied by the entire world – the report states that a “terrorist stabbed a Jew by a bus stop in Ra’anana” or that a “terrorist stabbed a Jewish boy while on his bicycle in Givat Ze’ev.” In reality, the newscaster should have said that; “an Arab stabbed a Jew by a bus stop in Ra’anana” and “an Arab stabbed a Jewish boy while on his bicycle in Givat Ze’ev”.

What’s the difference, you ask? Big, huge difference!! If we think these animals are terrorists then Israel simply joins the world in the fight against terror. Terrorists attacked New York, terrorists attacked Paris so terrorists also attacked Afula… what’s the big deal? The USA is dealing with it, France is dealing with it so now Israel has to deal with it. However, when it’s not “terrorists” who are attacking, stabbing and murdering innocent people but Arabs who live next door, work in Jewish schools and drive public busses then Israel has a very serious problem!!

Of course, none of these sentiments are reflected in the BBC, LA Times or even the Wall St Journal (which is moving more to left each day)… and do you know why? Because they are not stated this way in Israel’s own media… so what do you expect from the world press?

This is one of the things that must be changed quickly. The Israeli media must use the right words and send the correct message. We can yell and scream at MSNBC – and in many cases, rightfully so – but the source of the problem is right here in Israel. Here is where we need to make the changes.

Over 2,500 years ago the prophet Yeshayahu stated; “From Zion will go forth Torah and the word of Hashem from Jerusalem”. Today, in our modern world, in addition to the Torah and the word of Hashem going from Jerusalem, the word of Israel’s media (L’havdil!!) goes from Zion and Jerusalem as well. May they learn that lesson and immediately start sending the right message!


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