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460 Rockets and 9 UN Condemnations

In the same week that 460 rockets were shot into Israeli homes, schools, kindergartens, cars and busses, the United Nations decided that the time had come and… enough was enough! They would act swiftly and with a heavy hand and would quickly punish the evil and brutal aggressor. And so, just 3 days after 460 rockets landed in Jewish cities, the UN held a vote and by an outstanding margin of 151-2 (plus 14 abstentions) they voted to condemn Israel.

What?? Is that a typographical error? They condemned Israel?? I surely meant to write; “and they condemned Hamas”… no? Actually, I didn’t tell the whole story. The real truth is that the UN did not condemn Israel just once… they condemned Israel nine times!! Yes, just 3 days after millions of Jews were hiding in bomb shelters, the United Nations – on Friday November 16, 2018 – condemned the State of Israel with nine separate condemnations. As stated above, 167 countries voted and 151 of them voted against the bad guy; Israel. The only countries that voted in support of Israel were USA and, of course, Israel. 14 countries abstained which means that they are still not sure who the bad guy is…

This is not a joke but a documented fact. Those condemnations – nine separate ones – included a vote demanding that Israel withdraw from the Golan Heights, a vote condemning Israeli construction in East Jerusalem and a vote which condemned Israel for their treatment of the Palestinian people. You know… the same Palestinians who fired the rockets and tried killing thousands of Jews. Yeah, we are not treating those guys nice enough…

I’m sure that when you read these words, you are shocked and appalled. You are sickened by the hypocrisy and dumbfounded by the stupidity. I have to admit that I actually had the opposite reaction. I was overjoyed by these 9 UN votes and let me tell you why. When I present my plan of what needs to be done; to conquer Gaza and destroy the enemy – and anyone who gets in the way, people say that it’s not practical because the world will yell and scream.

Well, dearest friends, in case you haven’t noticed… they are screaming anyway! The Hamas attacks Israel and declares war (yes, 460 rockets is a declaration of war…) and we are quiet with a targeted response of bombing empty buildings and fields. We take every precaution imaginable not to harm civilians (Note: no other army in the history of the world did – or will ever – do that) and the world responds by condemning Israel 9 times. Therefore, wonderful world, to you I say; Condemn Israel all you want – and next time, we are going to give you something to really condemn us about!

Am Yisrael Chai!


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