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Why Wait? Bomb Them Now!

Here we go again. Two weeks ago Hamas fired a few missiles on the Israeli city of Sderot and the IDF responded by bombing terrorist targets in Gaza. Sounds ok, no? They bomb us, so we bomb back. There’s only one problem with that logic. It’s called dead Jews.

The very essence of “hitting back” means that you have been hit first. It means that your opponent – or in this case, your blood thirsty, Jew hating, terrorist enemy – is allowed to get in a few shots. This may be a good strategy to use in a boxing match, as a way to tire out your opponent, but outside the boxing ring it is the worse tactic known to man. In the case of Hamas, those “shots” or “first few punches” are lethal rockets that are launched into kindergartens, schools, supermarkets and homes of beautiful Jews. Many of these rockets have killed our fellow brothers and sisters and tens of thousands – yes, tens of thousands – have been injured physically, emotionally and/or mentally. A recent video put out by the city of Sderot shows that even the Olympic champion sprinter, Usain Bolt, would not make it in time to a bomb shelter in Sderot. From the time the siren goes off until the time the deadly missiles explode, one has just 15 seconds in Sderot to make it to safety. Actually, many Israeli towns close to the Gaza border have only 10 seconds to get to a bomb shelter! Experts have calculated that it would take Usain Bolt 20 seconds to get to the closest bomb shelter from an average area in Sderot… and he’s the fastest human on the planet! In plain English this means that every time Hamas launches a rocket, a strong possibility exists that innocent Jews will be seriously hurt or even killed.

This equation has to be front and center in every Jewish leader’s mind; Hamas + Rockets = Dead Jews (G-d forbid). Therefore, it is imperative that those responsible act accordingly. What do I mean by that? Simple. When the news reports that the IAF (Israeli Air Force) bombed terrorist targets in Gaza just minutes after Hamas launched a rocket, it means that the IAF knew exactly where those terrorist bases and launching pads were all along!!! Think about it. A missile is fired into a nursery school in Sderot at 10:03 and the IAF responds by bombing terrorist targets at 10:08. Do you really think that in those 5 minutes they searched, studied and analyzed data in determining where those terrorists were? Are you kidding me? It is as clear as day that the Israeli leadership knows exactly where they are right now! Every single terror base, cell, training camp and headquarters are known to Israel at this very moment. If that’s the case – and it is – why do they wait for Hamas to hit us first?

The answer is tragic… and inexcusable. Israel’s current leadership is convinced that it cannot hit first with a preemptive strike because of one thing: World Opinion. Remember the last war in Gaza? Every spokesman, every military official and every Jewish leader spoke about Israel’s right to defend itself. Allow me to say one thing about that narrative – and I apologize in advance for my graphic language; It makes me want to puke.

When it comes to Israel, I hate the word “DEFENSE”. Yes, I understand that word in the world of sports but even in that world, defense doesn’t win titles. In sports, “defense” means that the other team is controlling the ball, the game-clock and the flow of the game. A good defense’s job is to the get the ball back into the hands of the offense and get off the field as fast as possible! “Defense” means you are the one getting hit and the one being attacked. In a war situation, “defense” means much more than it does in sports. It means danger, tragedy, destruction and often helplessness. “Defense” means that people are getting hurt and blood is flowing and you are trying your best to quiet the situation. I am sorry, but that is not what the Torah has taught about the rules of war.

The same Torah that teaches us about sounding a shofar, fasting on Yom Kippur and shaking a lulav teaches us also about what to do with the Jewish enemy. The well-known concept of “He who comes to kill you, arise early and kill him first” is not simply a suggestion, it is how we are to act! This Torah-based concept is learned from the war which Hashem commanded against Midian (see Ba’midbar 25, p’sukim 16-18, then go to Ba’Midbar Rabbah 21 and Midrash Tanchuma, Pinchas chapter 3). This concept is not mean or bad or unjust since it refers to killing one who is planning, training and working day and night to kill YOU. Therefore, we are instructed not to wait… what sick person does THAT?? If you know about these plans, if you see that he is buying weapons and training soldiers, if you hear his violent hate-filled speeches then get him before he has the chance to carry out his evil plans!

I think of this every time the IAF bombs “terrorist targets” after an attack. This proves to me that our leadership knows exactly where they are. Yet, they are waiting… and waiting. “What are they waiting for” – you ask??? They are waiting for those terrorists to actually carry out an attack so that we can respond and not be condemned by the world.

I have 2 direct words to say about that policy: IT STINKS! Here’s why; In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the world is going to condemn Israel no matter what it does!! We can bomb Hamas before, during or after they attack and the same world that lovingly takes our help when a hurricane or tsunami hits will loudly condemn, bash and curse Israel… so why wait? Second of all, the fact that our leaders put world opinion before Jewish lives is inexcusable. Actually, it’s worse than that… it’s criminal. How can you care more about what France thinks than a Jewish mother’s pain? How can you put political correctness before Jewish blood?

The solution is simple. As soon as you identify a terrorist base, you obliterate it from this world. As soon as your radar systems pick up launching sites in Gaza you totally destroy them and the people who put them there. You never, and I mean NEVER, wait for them to hit you first. This is the “defense” system I like and the only one worthy of defending Jewish lives and property.


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