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Where Are They Going To Go?

Every time anyone speaks about moving Arabs out of Eretz Yisrael, the first question is always the same: “But where are they going to go?” This article will answer that exact question.

On July 9, 2018 an article was published by “Yahoo Business Insider” which stated that a whopping 800,000 foreign workers have left Saudi Arabia in the last two years!! 800,000!! Nowhere in the article did it state where they went because that wasn’t the point… they simply left. They went wherever their heart and dreams took them. They packed up their homes and their possessions and moved out of Saudi Arabia. They left permanently and I highly doubt many even looked back.

You might say that the reason these 800,000 left were because they were replaced by the local Saudi population… but, actually, the complete opposite is true! The article states clearly that employers have a serious problem because “young Saudi men and women are lazy and not interested in working.” Therefore, Saudi Arabia needed these workers and, because they left, have a gaping hole in their workforce. The article further states that employers are “struggling to fill jobs”. Hmmm… 800,000 workers are needed in a Moslem country that speaks Arabic… Any ideas who could possibly replace those missing workers?

Let’s think this through for a moment. Saudi Arabia is a country with a tremendous amount of open, undeveloped land. Yes, much of that land is desert, but look what Israel did to its own desert… it made it bloom! Israel is leading the world in desalination plants and agriculture hi-tech and would gladly help its neighbor develop and populate the desert. People moving there could get large amounts of land for free and could build the homes of their dreams. Think about an Arab crammed into a little apartment in Gaza, Ramallah or Hebron. With a guaranteed job in hand, why would they not move to Saudi Arabia and live in a palace?

Wait, I’m not finished yet, it gets even better! According to the Zehut party platform, all Arabs wishing to emigrate from Israel (Israeli Arabs as well as those living in the West Bank / Gaza) will be compensated for their property at market value. The State of Israel will purchase their homes and also pay all moving expenses to Saudi Arabia. These Arabs will then arrive in a country where they speak the language and whose religion is their own. They will have money from the sale of their home and the entire move won’t cost them a dime. They will have instant jobs, be able to have property 10 times the size of their current residence and live a quality of life better than 90% of their Arab cousins. This plan protects their human rights, their religious freedom and safeguards their financial future.

So, the next time someone asks, “But where will they go??” give them this article. If they truly want to help the Arabs of Israel gain a better future for themselves and their families, this is the plan that must come to fruition.


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