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No Deal with the Devil – EVER!

This week marked the beginning of, yet another, prisoner release in Israel. No, I am not referring to Jewish prisoners who have served most of their time and are fully rehabilitated. Unfortunately, those guys will rot in jail forever. I am talking about the release of Arab terrorists with hands dripping in Jewish blood. A total of 104 of these beasts will be freed, bringing the number of released Arab prisoners – since the start of the Oslo Accords (and not counting those released as part of the Gilad Shalit deal) – to a whopping 9,214. You read that number correctly. 9,214 Arab prisoners who have either killed or tried to kill Jews have been set free.

Recently, an article appeared in the NY Post by the father of a NJ girl killed by Arabs. He was begging Netanyahu to explain to him what good will come out of this prisoner release. He wrote the following; “Perhaps one could understand the logic of releasing prisoners to establish good will with the Palestinian public or to strengthen the Palestinian leadership. But it became clear to me, and (according to poll after poll) the Israeli public, that these efforts were not met with any reciprocity from the other side.”

A bit later in that same article he writes; “What will Israel get in return? From all news accounts, it appears the answer is nothing more than the Palestinians returning to the negotiating table. So I ask Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Will my daughter’s murderers, now in an Israeli prison, be released for the sake of good will? Can you show me anything concrete that will come from this action that will allow my son and his family, citizens of Israel, to sleep safely in their home in Jerusalem? Show me something, anything at all, and I will support you.”

While, Baruch Hashem, I am not in this man’s position of having lost a child to terror and therefore cannot feel his pain, I do want to comment on what he wrote. Allow me to address the remainder of this article directly to him.

My dear friend; First of all, words cannot express my sorrow for your loss. I heard many wonderful things about your daughter and no father should ever have to endure what you did – and still do. Please forgive me for publicly differing with you, but since you placed a public letter in the NY Post I feel obligated to answer in the same public manner. This is not about getting something in return. Even if we got a stack of papers as high as a building, signed by every resident of Gaza and Jenin promising us peace, I would never release any Arab who harmed – or even attempted to harm – one of my Jewish brothers or sisters. Actually, please allow me to correct myself. I would release these prisoners but only to a cemetery, where they should have been all along!

How many times must we make the same mistake? We always try to be pragmatic and rational and every single time we pay for it in new Jewish blood. Your daughter’s killers should have been stoned, burned and then hanged for the entire world to see what happens when an innocent Jew is harmed. For some weird reason, the Israeli government did not do that so at least, let these beasts rot in prison.

Am I being stubborn when I say I don’t trust the Arabs? I don’t think so. Every agreement has been violated, every contract has been broken and every deal has gone bad. I would like to ask a simple question: Would you lend money to these people? Would you open up a flower shop with Abbas as your partner? They cannot be trusted and even if something “concrete comes from these actions” – as you wrote – I still would not proceed down this path.

You concluded your article in the NY Post by writing that if “something – anything good at all” came from this, that you would support it. This is a huge mistake since whatever good you see is only temporary and extremely short-sighted. The Arab world – and anti-Semites across the globe – grow in strength when they see Jewish weakness and nothing is weaker than freeing killers. Yes, this may bring us a few days or weeks of quiet (although I think the opposite will happen) but that will only be the calm before the storm.

Israel must stand firm and tell these fake, corrupt, conniving “partners” of ours 2 things: 1) This is our land and we will never give away one inch of it and 2) If you want peace – we will be more than glad to agree to it. We will not throw stones at your cars. We will not blow up your busses or cafes. We will not train our children to become suicide bombers. We will not enter your homes and kill parents and children like you did to the Fogel family. We will not lynch people who drive through your villages and we expect and demand you do the same. If you are interested, we do not need to sign any papers – since every document and contract you signed became worthless 2 minutes after the signing ceremony. We will simply start living in peace and if you do not keep your side of the bargain we will open the Bible and do to you what Moses did to Og, Joshua did to the Canaanites and David did to the Philistines.

And one last thing; No, we will never release any of your prisoners… not until they are in a horizontal position.


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