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Election Season Over? It Has Just Begun!

Everyone is talking about the USA presidential elections on Nov 6th and I agree that they are indeed very important. Will it be another 4 years of Obama – this time as a lame duck president (and we all know what THAT means) – or will Romney defeat him – even though the odds are stacked against him?

We have all seen the debates, read the OP-EDs and watched the election very closely. There is just one thing that I would like to state and I want this point made LOUD and CLEAR:

Israel’s future as a strong and proud Jewish state will be determined by who sits in the Knesset, not by who sits in the White House.

Israel has successfully dealt with friendly US presidents but we also managed to survive guys like Jimmy Carter (who is still running around the world causing damage!) While we may prefer one candidate over the other, at the end of the day, it is ISRAEL’S leadership who will determine the direction, the policies and the future of the Jewish state. THAT is where the true battle must be waged and it is precisely there where I am working night and day.

On November 25th Israel’s leadership party – the Likud – will be deciding its slate for the upcoming Knesset. 12 years ago, I started an organization in Israel called “Manhigut Yehudit” (Jewish Leadership). My co-founder was – and still is – Moshe Feiglin, who serves as president of the organization. Manhigut Yehudit is an educational institution geared to explaining to Jews, all over the world, about the need for Israel to be led by leaders who are connected to our Father in heaven. These leaders must guide the nation with authentic Jewish values and concepts. Their goal must be one thing: To turn Israel from the state of the Jews into the Jewish State.

Moshe and I became household names in Israel and we have travelled the world explaining these ideas. Over the years, Moshe Feiglin has run for both the Knesset as well as leadership of the Likud party and is today considered by Israel’s media as “the most dominant player in Israeli politics.” (Yisrael Ha’Yom newspaper, Oct 19, 2012)

Our vision, ideology and dreams are clear. Israel must be a strong and proud Jewish state. No more running away from who we are or why we are here. No more apologizing to the world for our existence. No more slave mentality and no more feelings of guilt.

But there’s more. We need to love every Jew, regardless if they observe Mitzvot or not, and we need to teach them with tolerance and acceptance. We need to be connected to the holy Temple and to every inch of our promised land. We need to care for the entire country and not just for people who look or think like we do. We need to break out of the “shtetle” mentality and realize that the Jewish nation is made up of different people from the four corners of the globe… not just from our shul in Kew Gardens Hills. Finally, we need to lead those people even though they have different customs and darker skin. The only thing that matters is that we are truly one family and while keeping our eye on the goal – a strong and proud Jewish state – we need to embrace our brothers and lead them with joy and clarity.

This is the battle that is being waged in Israel on November 25th when 120,000 members of the Likud party will vote for their Knesset list. I realize that you think that in a few more days these crazy elections are over but that is not the case. Yes, the USA leader will be decided in a few days but Israel’s leadership battle continues.

I welcome you to get involved and assure you that when Moshe Feiglin is elected to the Knesset – things in Israel will change dramatically, no matter who is sitting in the White House!


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