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Don’t Complain About Obama

Over the last seven years I have probably received over 10,000 emails telling me how bad Barack Obama is. When he was running for president back in 2008, I was told that his middle name is “Hussein”, his mother was a communist, his father was a Marxist, his buddies were domestic terrorists and Hamas spokesmen and his preacher was an anti-Semitic America hater. Of course, I also heard – hundreds of times – about how he wasn’t born in the USA and even when he produced a birth certificate I heard about how it was a complete forgery. I was then told about how terrible Obamacare was for America, how his policies ruined jobs and industry and how he targeted the IRS against his foes. I saw videos about how weak he was on terror and how he made America vulnerable around the world. To this very day I receive emails about his pro-Palestinian positions, how welcoming he is to the Syrian refugees and how he has no idea how to deal with ISIS.

I would like to state – publicly and very loud and clear – please stop sending me these emails, videos and Facebook posts!! In case you haven’t figured out by now… they don’t work!! For more than seven years I have heard every complaint in the book about this guy, but guess what? He is the President of the USA and even got re-elected in 2012 so obviously, all this belly-aching about how terrible he is for America, for Israel and for Mars means very little! And do you know why? One reason and one reason only… because there’s no strong alternative. The Republicans are in the process of making the same mistake they did in 2008 and 2012: Take good, strong candidates and spend millions of dollars and valuable time and beat each other up! Instead of coming together and putting their full weight and energy behind one candidate, they will slug it out over the next few months. What makes matters worse is that while they pound each other they continue to attack the one man who is not even running in the next election… Barack Obama!

I watched an interview on recently with Mike Huckabee who explained how poorly Obama is dealing with global terror. Then, later that day I watched an interview – also on (my computer is allergic to CNN and MSNBC) with Donald Trump who bashed Obama’s policies on the Syrian refugees. “Funny”, I said to myself, “these guys are telling me how bad Obama is but he’s not running for re-election! Why are they wasting time with him?? Forget about him. He was a bad dream. An 8 year stomach virus. A horror show.” You get the point.

Rubio, Cruz and Carson do the exact same thing. They tell us over and over again about Obama’s failed policies and as they ramble on, I imagine the President laughing at every complaint. What they need to do, and what you need to do – if you want this nightmare to end – is focus on the real danger that lies ahead; President Hillary Clinton. Every political punch must be made towards her with a focus on why she is bad for the American people. Then, after the people are convinced that she is not the answer, show them what is the answer! Present them with a strong and viable alternative. Show them a united front in the battle against illegal immigration, rising crime, racial unrest, failing education, crumbling healthcare and of course, global terror and radical Islam.

Unfortunately, none of this will happen, since Obama is easy (and fun) to pick on – so why stop? – and everyone’s ego will prevent a united front. Cruz will say that we should do this provided he is at the top and the same will be said by all other candidates. What will happen as a result is clear; I will continue receiving daily emails about Obama this and Obama that and on November 8, 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton will be elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Actually, this problem is quite familiar to me since we suffer from the same disease in Israel. I call it “Kvetchitis” whereby the ill patient complains about nonsense while simultaneously ignoring the solution which is right in front of his/her eyes. When I stated above that I received about 10,000 emails detailing the problems with Obama, at that same time I probably received a similar amount detailing the problems with Netanyahu. From his building freeze in Yehuda and Shomron to his recognition of a Palestinian State to releasing terrorists to demolishing settlements to rising housing and food prices in Israel and more, my inbox has been flooded with complaint after complaint regarding Bibi Netanyahu and the job he has done. Unfortunately for Israelis, there is no Prime Minister term limit and we are therefore in a worse position than Americans because we can be stuck with this guy for many years to come.

To me however, the term limit issue is not the problem. The real problem lies in the fact that Jews prefer to “kvetch” rather than build an alternative. I have begged my friends to stop sending me all these articles and op-eds and start dealing with the solution… the need to bring new leadership to the State of Israel. This new leadership is not just a change of face, it’s a change of direction. It is not  about a new person but a new ideology.

Jews around the world need to be cured from “Kvetchitis” and the medicine is easily accessible. We need to unite together – Jews from all backgrounds and levels of observance – and focus all of our energy on one thing: Strong and proud leadership for the Jewish State that is based on our national identity! The days of “right vs left” and “religious vs secular” are over. We must band together to make Israel strong and safe, successful and wealthy and above everything else; the place where G-d’s wisdom and kingdom shines as an example to the entire world. This is in our reach… let’s get to work!


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