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Coming Home

When you’re feeling blue – not sure what to do

When your heart is racing, and you can’t stop pacing

When you’re depressed all day – not sure what to say

There’s just one place… that’ll put a smile on your face.

When you’re feeling stress – cause life’s a big mess

When things don’t click – dude, you’re really sick

When you can’t get to the phone – you are all alone

Drop everything my friend… and go straight home.

It is obvious, you see… it’s clear to me

That what’s true for you, is the same for every Jew

Cause you are not American, Canadian, Spanish or Haitian…

You are part… of the Jewish NATION!

You’re a Jew I say – that’s why you pray

To Hashem above – HE’S the one you love

So, don’t just stand there and act all frozen

Cause He picked YOU… man, you are CHOSEN!

It is time to leave – come home to Tel Aviv

Jerusalem, Hashmonaim, Tzefat or Shalavim

40 years in the sand – it took to come to this Land

But today there’s no pain – just hop on a plane

Times now are rough – so you gotta be tough

You can stand strong – it won’t be long

Hashem stopped the world… there’s a message for you

Look outside my friend… it’s totally NEW!

Come home now – you all know how

Just set a date – this is your fate

NOW more than ever, we have to be together

So, sister and brother – come home to father and mother

There are no fears – we waited 2,000 years

The world is on pause – maybe THIS is the cause?

Jew, you are a lion… you need to be in Zion

So, stop reading this poem… and Yiddale’ please come HOME!


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