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140 Rockets and No Response? The World is Laughing at Us!

In the last 48 hours, a total of 140 rockets have been fired into southern Israel from enemy territory in Gaza. Schools have been cancelled, businesses have been closed and tens of thousands of Jews are living in bomb shelters as I type these words. 140 rockets.

Earlier in the day I asked 7 random people at a coffee shop in Herziliya Pituach what they felt should be done. As you know, Herziliya Pituach is not known as a place for extreme, rightwing, militants. I must add that all 7 of these people; 5 men and 2 women, were not religious Jews. With that background, here are their answers:

  1. “Give them a 2 hour warning and then bomb the heck out of Gaza”

  2. “Nuke them. If a million die, that’s not my problem”

  3. “Send in the army with all its might and end this problem once and for all”

  4. “Bomb them day and night” (This women didn’t agree with the 2 hour warning of the first guy)

  5. “Bomb the people responsible”. I then explained to this fellow that “the people responsible” hide among children, schools and hospitals and that a proper military strike will kill many innocent civilians, especially children. His answer was, “That’s OK with me”

  6. “If we truly have the nuclear bomb, now is the time to use it since it will solve the Gaza problem and also send a strong message to Iran”

  7. “Send in the air force and let them drop bombs until they have nobody left to bomb”

I promise you that these were the responses. Now, let’s review. Of the 7 people, we have 4 in favor of bombing Gaza, 1 who wants to send in the army and 2 who want to nuke the place. Nobody said that we should complain to the UN, call Obama for help or issue strongly worded condemnations. They all want serious action and they want it now. I will be the first to admit that this was not a scientific poll but 7 out of 7 Herziliya Pituach coffee shop people want to level Gaza??? That is significant.

So the question of the day is simple: Why is this not happening? Why are we allowing 140 rockets to explode in our cities and towns? Many people have been injured from these rockets – including 4 soldiers, one of whom is fighting for his life! What is holding us back? The people of Israel want it, the IDF is capable of doing it and world is expecting it. Yes, I know what I wrote and will write that again. The world is expecting it! When a country does not seriously retaliate to an enemy who shoots 140 rockets in a span of 48 hours, the world responds with laughter. Who can respect a country that allows that to happen? The world looks at Israel and asks: Where is your self respect? Where is your dignity? And worst of all, where is your Jewish G-d?? What a desecration!

Moshe Feigiln gave the best answer on his Facebook page this morning: “I was listening to the confused and pathetic interviews with the Defense Minister this morning. It is clear as daylight that he has no solutions for the situation in southern Israel. We cannot expect the person who got us into this predicament and built his personal career on the Oslo process – or from someone who joined in at any stage down the line – to extricate us from this quagmire. Those officials who created the concept of dividing the Land of Israel – inventing the “Palestinians” to take it off our hands and make “peace” with us – are incapable of implementing the changes needed to solve the problem now.”

In other words, Moshe Feiglin focused on the source of the problem: Israel’s weak and ineffective leaders. These leaders are stuck in the mud of the Oslo Peace Process which every one – except them – knows is dead and buried. Of course the rocket attacks can end, and can end quickly! The problem, however, is that if this process is truly over, they have nothing left to do. These weak leaders have invested everything they had into this one-way street and will not admit to its failure. Instead, they continue to dismantle Jewish towns and neighborhoods – such as in Bet El and Migron – in the hope that this will keep the enemy happy and avoid the need for rockets.

What fools they are! How evil their plan and how much Jewish blood has been spilled on their false prophecies. With Hashem’s help this will all change. In two weeks, the Likud party is holding primaries for the order of the Knesset list. This is the chance for the good people of Israel to send many politicians home on early retirement and to elect officials who will represent the will of the people and not the will of the soon-to-be-bankrupt-Ha’aretz.

“Don’t worry”, I told the 7 coffee drinkers in Herziliya Pituach. “New leadership is heading Israel’s way and a true solution to Israel’s problems is closer than you think.”


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