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Mazal Tov on the Royal Baby!

I am so excited that the royal baby has been born. Seriously, this is not a joke. What a “Simcha” that a baby has been born to the family of the king! It is no wonder why the media has gone crazy over this little boy and has reported every aspect of the parents wedding, pregnancy and birth. I firmly believe that the entire world will see his first steps, his first sneeze and will be glued to the TV when he starts first grade in a few years.

There’s only one problem with this story. The media made it a special and unique event as if something like this happens once every 30 years. Fortunately for Am Yisrael, a royal baby is born every few MINUTES!!! (Note: Last year – just in Israel – over 130,000 Jewish babies were born. This translates to 15 Jewish babies every hour!!) This is not a joke. The Jewish people are children of the King. The Torah is very clear when it says: “You are children to Hashem, your God” (D’varim 14:1) Therefore, if Hashem is the King of Kings – which He is! – His children are all princes and princesses! Thus, every one of us are members of the Royal Family!!! Think about THAT the next time you see a little Jewish baby.

Of course, I mean no disrespect to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; Prince William and Kate, nor to their son; Prince George. I am merely pointing out something that most of us take for granted – that every Jew alive today; observant or not, Sefardi or Ashkenazi, man or woman, young and old are Princes (or Princesses) no less than Prince George and actually a LOT more since OUR father is not flesh and blood but the Ruler and Master of the Universe!

Therefore, allow me to address the rest of this article to YOU; Prince Chaim, Prince Elisha, Princess Chava Leah, Princess Tamar and ALL the sons and daughters of the King who may be reading these words including Prince Bibi. Stop selling yourself short. Stop bowing before the entire world. It is YOU who is the child of the King and not them. Stand proud and tall – not on an individual level since we are taught to be modest and humble – but on a NATIONAL level which FORBIDS us to be modest! That is correct. As a nation, as the CHOSEN nation, we are not allowed to be humble since that would lower the greatness of Hashem Himself. We are the bearers of His sword and His great and holy Name. As such, we must guard His honor by never lowering ours!

While all this sounds great – who wouldn’t want to be the son of a king? – it comes with a tremendous responsibility. We have a job to do and the King is expecting and DEMANDING we act accordingly! One of our most important tasks is actually going to take place next week on Rosh Ha’Shanah when we will have to perform the most important Mitzvah of the day. No, it is not hearing the shofar, going to Tashlich, eating an apple dipped in honey or dovinning with kavanah. Those are all very important but pale in comparison to the #1 priority and job of every Jew on Rosh Ha’Shanah: TO CROWN HASHEM AS KING OF THE UNIVERSE!!

Yes, you – in Kew Gardens Hills, Boca Raton, Netanya and Petach Tikva; YOU are the one who needs to crown Hashem as King. But let me give you some advice – you can only crown a king if you feel you are a prince! This is why I started the article the way I did. You need to understand that this is a two-way street. On one hand – Hashem is the king with or without us and therefore we are automatic princes but, in a very strange way, a king needs subjects to rule or he will sit on an empty and meaningless throne. Therefore, Hashem “needs” us to crown Him king each and every year! This is why we switch several parts of the dovinning to phrases like “Ha’Melech Ha’Kadosh” and end the Neilah service with words that shatter the earth: “Hashem Hu’ Ha’Elokim”. Who doesn’t shake when those words are screamed out loud?

My dearest friends and fellow Princes and Princesses; take your job seriously! Stop looking at yourself as a mere individual. You are far greater than that. You are part of the Nation of Israel chosen from over 7 BILLION living creatures to represent Hashem as His personal treasure. Stop bending your neck to the flesh and blood at the UN, EU and Washington and start bending your neck ONLY to the Creator… our Father, our King. You have been given a mission. Focus on that mission and live every second of your life towards fulfilling it. Start next week with Rosh Ha’Shanah by crowning Hashem King and make sure you live in His kingdom every day of the year!

And one more thing: Let’s all have lots of royal babies!! Shanah Tova!


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