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Become a Jewish Disrupter

I learned a new word recently. I must admit that while I was never a champion of vocabulary, I do maintain a large database in my head of many words. Of course, I still get chills up and down my spine when I think of my high school SAT and the crazy words I had to study; abnegation, ebullient and obstreperous. (Note: I came to the conclusion, long ago, that those are not real words – they are only in existence to make kids crazy when studying for the SAT’s!) In any case, this new word is not difficult to pronounce or even spell. The word has become quite popular and appears frequently in newspapers and television when referring to certain individuals. The word is “disrupter”.

Don’t bother checking with Oxford or Webster. I will tell you what it means, in the context of the way it is used. A disrupter is someone who goes against the establishment. A disrupter is a person who is unafraid of the road ahead and is ready, willing and able to use everything at his/her disposal to get the job done. They go against the grain, do the unpopular, take positions that are not politically correct… and why??? Because the disrupter is focused on a cause that is higher and far more important than simply paying bills. The disrupter has a vision and is willing to take risks to accomplish his/her goals. Yes, some disrupters can be dangerous people who need to be avoided and even stopped, but at least know what you are dealing with. The disrupter is highly motivated, gets up after being knocked down and will not stop until the job is done, no matter how many people are against him/her.

The reason why this word has become so popular recently is because the President of the United States is a gigantic disrupter. Like him or hate him, everyone agrees on one thing; President Donald Trump is a 100% disrupter. He has a vision and a clear goal in mind. For the purpose of this article, it is not important if you feel his vision is a positive or negative one. Just for the record, I wish to state loud and clear that I personally love the job he is doing, but let’s get back to our “disrupter” word. Trump has definitely disrupted things. He has flipped politics in America upside down, has challenged the media and has taken on world leaders when others were afraid. He is your classic disrupter.

The time has come for the Jewish world to start disrupting things as well. For 2,000 years we have been followers, often as sheep to the slaughter. We have been the “nice Jewish boy” and the ones who made sure not to upset the goyim. We were quiet, did as we were told and just wanted to be left alone in our shtetl. While that attitude may have kept us alive during the 2,000 year exile, it has spelled disaster for present day Israeli leadership. Missiles fly from Gaza and Lebanon. Terror is perpetrated daily by Hamas and its followers. World condemnations continue in the UN, although thanks to Trump’s appointee; Nikki Haley, things have improved just a bit.

Israel needs to stop being Mr Nice Guy all the time. All the fuel and supplies that we give to Gaza as humanitarian aid doesn’t convince the Jew-haters of the world to love us. The Netanyahu-Bennet government has thrown Jews off land in Yehuda/Shomron, does not fight terror with a heavy hand and continues to make concessions to the enemy. All of these things are the complete opposite of what a disrupter does, which is why we need a new JDL. Exactly 50 years ago (1968), Rabbi Meir Kahane started the JDL – Jewish Defense League – which I was a proud member of. Now, 5 decades later, we need more than “defense”… we need to “disrupt” so I am suggesting the creation of a new JDL – the Jewish Disruptors League!

Jews need to become disrupters and fight the establishment, the media and the madness on college campuses. We need disrupters in Israel who will lead the country with strength and courage – even as the world screams. We need to make bold statements that are backed up by even bolder actions and we need to be unafraid in the face of adversity.

As we look ahead towards Rosh Ha’Shanah and start our Elul prayers, let’s all plead with our Father and King that He not only inscribe us in the Book of life, good health and happiness but that He sends us leaders who cling to His every word, are directed by His holy Torah and are motivated to disrupt the world in order to bring honor to His great and holy Name as well as to His Chosen Nation!

Become a Jewish disrupter today! Shanah Tova to all my brothers and sisters.


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