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Build Up Israel:
Bet Knesset Alei Zahav

Alei Zahav is a community (Yishuv) situated in the Shomron, next to Peduel, Leshem, and Bruchin, which together are known as ‘Gush Ma’arava’. The Ma’arava settlements are located on the western slopes of the Samarian Hills, close to the center of the country, overlooking the coastal plain. Alei Zahav, named after Aliza Begin Z"L, the wife of former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, is a unique community with a diverse population, including secular and religious, older and younger idealistic Jews who share a deep-rooted love for the Land of Israel, and who all aspire to live in 'Achdut' and mutual cooperation.

There are currently 320 families (1,500 residents) in Alei Zahav, with an additional 140 families projected to join in the next 3-6 years. Currently, the Bet Knesset is made up of a few caravans which cannot support the daily needs of the community which include prayers and many shiurim throughout the day. The Alei Zahav community is working towards building a Bet Knesset complex which will include a Bet Midrash (hosting shiurim and Torah study throughout the day) and separate Teimani, Sephardic and Ashekanzi prayer halls all meeting together in one large lobby to represent the Achdut 'togetherness' of the community.

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Please join us in attaining this dream of building a communal Bet Knesset (synagogue) and Bet Midrash in Alei Zahav, bringing together and representing our diverse community.

All US donations are tax-deductible. If you prefer mailing a check, please fill it out to:

Am Yisrael Chai Foundation (in the memo line, please write "Build Up Israel: Alei Zahav"

And mail the check to: P.O. Box 241, Cedarhurst NY, 11516

For more information, please reach out to

Help us make the Alei Zahav Bet Knesset a reality!

Donae AZ
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