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3 minute video series: "Outside the Box- with Shmuel Sackett"

There are 613 Mitzvot - Is Making Aliyah one of them? 



Since its inception in 2001, the Am Yisrael Chai Fund (AYC) has flourished with the singular mission to build and support the agriculture, infrastructure, and people of Israel. As an IRS-approved organization, Am Yisrael Chai finds projects that identify with its goals and provides financial support to bring them to life.

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L-R: Founder & Director, Shmuel Sackett, with his son Gabi


Shmuel Sackett, International Director of Am Yisrael Chai


Shmuel has been running non-profit organizations since 1993 and is considered one of Israel’s leading activists for a strong and proud Land of Israel.

Shmuel has spoken in over 500 Jewish communities in USA, CANADA and UK and has been interviewed on radio and television countless times.

He has written and published over 300 articles, has spoken on university campuses advocating for Israel and has debated against leading liberals in the battle for public opinion.

He is a member of the World Zionist Congress and ran for Knesset as the Oleh (new immigrant) candidate of Likud.

He can be contacted at

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