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Build Up Israel:

Sderot Rehabilitation & Medical Center

For over 10 years, the residents of Sderot and surrounding areas have been under persistent attack, enduring the constant threat of Kassam rocket attacks on their home towns, with many of the residents suffering from physical injury and Post‐ Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Note: Over 5,000 missiles have landed in Sderot alone! Ezra Le’Marpeh, under the direction of its founder and chairman, Rabbi Abraham Elimelech Firer – who has been helping sick people, for FREE, for over 30 years! has resolved to obtain the necessary resources to establish services for ailing residents and victims in Israel’s southern region. The project has been designed to the highest architectural standards taking into account the special security demands, to ensure the protection of the patients who will undergo treatment within the Center.

Plans in Sderot.JPG

Help us make the Sderot project a reality!

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