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Build Up Israel:

Hebron Welcome Center

Over 3,700 years ago our father Abraham purchased a burial cave for our mother Sarah in what was called “Ma’arat Ha’Machpela”. Shortly after that, Abraham was buried there as well, and he was followed by Isaac/Rebecca and Jacob/Leah. Tradition has taught us that Adam and Eve are buried there as well! From that day on, Hebron became one of the holiest cities to the Jewish people. Thanks to Hashem and His holy messengers of the IDF, the city was returned to Jewish hands in the Six Day War and is currently home to some 90 families. A major Yeshiva called “Shavei Hebron” with over 500 students is in Hebron and there is also a very active Chabad House that operates 24/7 with a special focus on helping the IDF soldiers who patrol and defend the city. Over 500,000 people visit Hebron each year and a new “Welcome Center” will be built to properly welcome these visitors.

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Help us make the Hebron project a reality!

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