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What You Don’t Know About Iran

While everybody is congratulating Senator Chuck Schumer’s decision to vote against the Iran deal, I want to make it very clear that this vote – even if the deal is rejected – will not solve Israel’s “Iranian problem”. Senator Schumer will vote against the deal because it is bad for America which is exactly the way he should think and act.  Let’s be honest for a minute and put our emotions aside; The job of a US Senator is to do what’s good for his state and his country and not necessarily what is good for Israel. Yes, many times what is good for Israel is also good for America but many times that is also not the case. I am very comfortable with the fact that a USA politician – from Congressman to Senator to Mayor to Governor to Commander in Chief – must first do what is good for America and not worry about Israel. He/she is paid by Americans, was elected by the American people and must therefore first and foremost do what is good for the people he/she represents! This deal is bad for America! It gives Iran money, power and freedom which they will use for evil. Very soon this evil will find its way to the shores of NY and other American cities, similar to the way that Arab terror and suicide bombers started in Israel but wound up in downtown Manhattan. This is why Schumer will vote against it and he is right in his thinking. The question that remains, however, is simple: Where does that leave Israel? As written above, this deal – even if totally rejected – will not make Iran melt away. The Iranians are obsessed with wiping Israel off the map and will stop at nothing until they either achieve that goal (G-d forbid) or are wiped off the map first (G-d willing).

Allow me to make matters even worse by giving you information you probably won’t read anywhere else: Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has been running around the world telling everyone that Israel’s two biggest enemies; Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon are “proxies of Iran”. Bibi has correctly pointed out on several occasions that these terror groups are funded, armed and trained by Iran. Therefore, he says, this Iran deal will strengthen – not only Iran – but also the ones they support; meaning Hamas and Hezbollah. This is a scary thought and therefore all lovers of Israel oppose the deal and are trying to stop it. This is well known and well documented, so where is the information I promised that “you won’t read anywhere else”?

Here it is: Not only is Hamas and Hezbollah proxies of Iran but the Palestinian Authority is one as well! The leaders of the so called “Palestinians” are called by a very politically correct name, “Palestinian Authority”, but their real name – to this very day – is PLO/FATAH. The founder of PLO/FATAH is Yasser Arafat. Back in the ‘70’s, and long before Persian Jews lived in Great Neck and Los Angeles, life was very good for Jews in Iran. The ruler was the Shah and he treated the Jews with tremendous respect and dignity. All of this came to an end with the Iranian Revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini. He spearheaded a violent and deadly revolution which drove the Shah out of power and killed and exiled many Jews. Did you ever ask yourself where Khomeini received his weapons from? How about who trained his guerrilla fighters? To answer that question, allow me to quote from the NY Times, Feb 19, 1979; “Mr Arafat’s group sent arms to the revolutionary forces and trained Iranian guerillas since the early 1970’s”!! As a matter of fact, when Khomeini celebrated his victory, the first foreign dignitaries invited to Iran – to celebrate with him – were Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas (who is today the president of “Palestine”). As a gift to Arafat and Abbas, for training and arming his fighters, Khomeini gave them a beautiful office to use as PLO/FATAH headquarters; the former Israeli embassy in Teheran!

What does all this have to do with today? Simple. That deep relationship between Iran and PLO/FATAH continues to this very day. Abbas calls himself President of Palestine and maintains deep ties with the current Iranian regime. That regime is led by two men; Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, and Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran. Both of these men are students and followers of the Ayatollah and Ali Khamenei was recently quoted as saying that, “Israel has no cure but must be annihilated”.

Over the years, many media outlets reported that the terror bombings across Israel, including the Sbarro pizza bombing was supported by Iran via a division of PLO/FATAH called “The Al-Aqsa Brigade”. As an example, the Sunday Telegraph of October 14, 2004 reported that, “Much of the Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Brigade has come under Iran’s sway, especially in the West Bank”. When Arafat died, the leader of the Al-Aqsa Brigade, Zakaria Zubeidi, supported Abbas to take over and pledged him his full loyalty. In short, the connection runs very deep.

I could go on and on and list more names and events that connect these dots but the conclusion is simple and extremely disturbing. Today’s “Palestinian Authority” is a direct proxy of Iran and they are far more dangerous than Hamas and Hezbollah since they sit in the middle of Israel! The obvious question is why are they being offered a state by the same leaders who warn against Iran? On one hand, Bibi runs and delivers a strong speech in the US Congress against the Iranian deal while on the other hand he is 100% in support of a Palestinian State in the middle of Israel which will bring Iran within a few miles of Jerusalem, Netanya and Ben Gurion Airport! Does that make any sense to you???

Don’t be fooled for even one second. When Israel sends a team to negotiate with the “Palestinians” they are really negotiating with Iran… the same Iran that Bibi says we must not negotiate with! Crazy is not the word and this is yet another example of why the present Israeli leadership must be replaced by those who will state the truth, lead by authentic Torah values and turn Israel into a strong and proud Jewish state. Finally, this strong leadership must punish today’s Iranian regime with the same punishment given to Haman, the last trouble-maker we had from Persia!

For more information on the connection between Iran and PLO/FATAH please see the website of Historical and Investigative Research, edited by Dr Francisco Gil-White:


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