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We Cease, They Fire!

I have spent the past few weeks speaking in many different Jewish communities in the USA. So far, I have addressed over 2,000 people with an explanation of what is going on in Israel and how the challenges can be overcome. At every one of my presentations I am asked a simple, three-worded question: “What will be?” My answer is direct and honest: Until Israel changes to a leadership that is based on authentic Jewish values, our beloved homeland will continue to be pounded by missiles, rockets, terror-tunnels, suicide bombers and everything else the enemy can throw our way. People who know me are quite surprised at that answer since I am always very optimistic about Israel. I always focus on the positive and so I am asked again, What will be? When that happens, I switch to my optimistic, positive self and answer that I am positive that what I said is true yet optimistic that the new leadership we need is on its way!

Folks, let’s be honest. We are losing the game. Our existing leadership is so concerned with world opinion that it spends more time and energy explaining the war than fighting it! Our leadership is desperate for acceptance and love so it exits Gaza before the job has been done. Immediately after – yet another ridiculous ceasefire – Israel rushes to show the world how many trucks of humanitarian aid is being sent to help the civilians of Gaza and we make sure this is all filmed in full HD quality so the liberals who watch CNN, BBC and Sky News can see how nice the Jews are. It amazes me how each and every time a ceasefire is declared, it works perfectly on 50% of the participants. We cease, yet they fire. We help their civilians, while they use them as pawns in their bloody war of hate… and this is played out time and time again. How foolish we are!

Let me be perfectly clear: If this is how the game is being played, we will lose. By that I mean that we will lose everything. Hamas will grow bigger and bigger and eventually Hezbollah – with their 80,000 missiles – will enter the “fun” from the north. This will give rise and motivation to those Arabs living inside Israel who identify with these terror groups and we will wind up fighting a war on all sides – plus from within! You think they have just been digging tunnels in Gaza? Wait until you see what our enemy has in store for us in Hebron, Ramallah, Jenin and East Jerusalem! So, what’s the answer? Do we run for our lives? No – heaven forbid! First we must realize how serious the problem is – and I have just spelled it out. I am not exaggerating nor trying to depress anyone. I am merely stating a fact that the enemy is growing and we are sleeping. The second point is to find a solution – and here is where I return to my jovial, positive self for the solution is already here – we just need to embrace it and help it become a reality.

The solution is strong and proud leadership who bases everything on Jewish concepts and values. There is no need to “reinvent the wheel”. Our Torah spells it all out. We need to fight wars like the way Moses and Joshua did! Read about their battles and how they fought. Then continue reading about Yiftach, Gideon and the mighty Samson. These are not characters in a Jewish Super-Hero comic book. These men are real and they led the Nation of Israel with courage and honor. Actually, it wasn’t only men – make sure you also read about women such as Devorah and Yael and how they defeated the enemy. These brave women didn’t care about world opinion, only G-d opinion and they fought the enemy until it was completely defeated. And then, after you have read about these battles and these heroes, you are ready for the ultimate Jewish leader; King David, whose dynasty we wish will be restored! Jews across the world pray for this three times a day! These are the leaders we need and when they reappear on the scene, Hamas, Hezbollah and the new bullies on the block; ISIS, will run into their caves like scared little mice.

Is it possible? Can we actually see such leaders in the modern era of 2014? I firmly believe – to the bottom of my soul – that the answer to that question is YES but only if we make it happen! Hashem has not thrown us to the wolves. He has led us back to the Promised Land after 2,000 years and this was not some kind of practical joke. We are here, back where our Nation belongs – so let’s make it happen. Hashem has given us all the tools but it is up to us to build the house with those very tools He provided. The biggest problem in today’s modern State of Israel is its leadership. Everything else has fallen into place yet without that leadership, it can all end in the blink of an eye. This is why I have dedicated my life to finding that leadership and bringing it to the forefront of the battle.

This is what my group; Manhigut Yehudit – the Jewish LEADERSHIP Movement – is all about. We have identified the problem and are working 24/7 at solving it with leaders who follow the guidelines of the great Jews listed above. We do not claim to come close to these great men and women and when compared to them, we are nothing more than an ant standing next to an elephant. Yet, we follow their guidance and direction, are motivated by their actions and challenges and are inspired by the way they dedicated every moment of their lives to our Father and King.

I urge each and every person reading these words to spend some time in our website: Read our articles and watch some of our videos. Follow the daily activity of Moshe Feiglin who is an example of the kind of leader we need so badly. And most important of all; if you identify with our goal and mission – help bring this dream to reality. Help turn the State of the Jews into the Jewish State so that when people ask me; What will be? – I can tell them only good news that Israel will be a light unto the nations, the home of every Jew in the world and a place where true peace exists throughout the land! Am Yisrael Chai!


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